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My very first concert!

January 28, 2010

I’ve never been known for my musical taste or abilities (except that one time I won the talent show in high school, but that had to have been rigged), but as a general music lover I have my good moments just like everyone else.  I recently exercised my musical muscle by going to see Iron and Wine with one of my good friends, Gros Cul.

(That’s not her real name, it just means “big butt” in French, and if you knew her you would laugh. )

Anyway, Cul and I drove on down to the old state of Texas, road trip style, and enjoyed lots of laughter and Certs. 

(By the way, I highly reccommend Certs for anyone trying not to stuff their face with junk food on a road trip.  They come in different flavors and they crunch rather nicely when you want them to.  I went through 3 whole rolls of them the entire trip.)

And on the way there, this is what we saw:

A lot of rain, road, and road signs.

A lot of cacti? Anyway, they just grow out of the ground, it was so exciting to see one that wasn’t in a plant jar!  plant pot?  Those little ceramic dealies that they put plants in, always with that weird brownishred color.

A LOT of cows.  I mean, easiest day for the Cow Game EVER. 

And then… finally… after hours of idle frustration….


And I was so excited because it would be my first time to sit and listen to a concert that didn’t involve an orchestra or a symphonic band.  The experience of youth awaited me!  No old people in dress clothes nodding politely, no silent reverie, no rules… just a little reckless fun.

…Or so I thought.  Besides the complete awesomeness of the theater we were in, if you drew your attention to the row of people in front of us, you should notice the not so young looking people seated there.  There were old people everywhere!  It was about 50% late middle aged-senior citizen, and 50% late teens and twentysomethings.  Odd combination.  But it was still a lot of fun.  

I’m retarded with computers, so I couldn’t get the video to load up here, but Sam Beam was amazing.  He was such a cool guy, he chatted with the audience for a bit, asked us some questions and made jokes.  Once, mid song he stopped for a second, shook his head, said “wait, haha that’s not right” and kept going like it was no big deal, totally cool.  The last song he did was Flightless Bird, American Mouth, and he let his guitar rest against his torso and went accapella… the man has a sweet, haunting falsetto that just draws you in.   Gorgeous.

Anyway, Gros Cul and I had a great time.  I’ll leave you with a little taste of Texas.

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