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My favorite little thing about Paris…

August 14, 2010

…was that a HUGE fresh market set itself up twenty feet from my hotel every Sunday.

I didn’t take pictures of the Farmer’s Market myself because I was busy shopping and having a WONDERFUL time, but I found some net pics that give you a pretty good idea.

People would crowd around the little booths, buying everything from delicious fruits and vegetables…

…to mouth-watering meats and wines…

…to clothing and jewelry.

It was so much fun, going through the hustle and bustle of bartering and sales.  Everyone was in a good mood, the venders shouting prices and making jokes with smiles on their faces.  I loved it!

The first time we went, my friend wanted to purchase a watermelon, but was uncertain how to ask for it in French.  She walked up with a shy smile and pointed at the watermelon, and the man asked her if she wanted it (in English).  She said yes, and he threw us a big cheesy grin, asking us how long we were in Paris while he bagged the watermelon.  We talked for a bit and made him laugh, and he tossed a couple of free bananas into the bag!  He was so nice!

It was a lovely way to start the week, I wish we had something like that close to my home now.

The little things like this, the small daily human interactions, reminded me that we are all just people, really, no matter where we live.

Interacting among the French people was my favorite little thing about Paris.

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  1. Penny permalink
    August 19, 2010 6:30 pm

    Oh my goodness that sounds like a glorious time. It made me itch for a trip to the Farmers Market. 🙂

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