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On searching for a job, or Finding your unique face in a sea of applications.

July 26, 2011

A lot has changed since my last post.


First and foremost:  I graduated from college!  I now have a B.A. in English with an Honors Interdisciplinary minor and an Art History minor.

This sums up my feelings pretty well.


Secondly, and not really surprisingly, I have discovered that the real world does not quite glitter with the hope and promise of the academic world.


Now kids, when they tell you at school that every single one of you is special and full of promise, they tell you everything you need to know about life.  Yes, you are special and full of promise.  However, so is just about everyone else sitting beside you.

Yes, kids, the name of the game when you become an adult is:


It's crazy out there.


But, I assure you, there is hope!  Even in this recession- and debt-riddled country, there is hope for all who are willing to fight the good fight to ensure their security and survival.  I admit, for some this hope is more realistic than others, but keeping a positive attitude is really about a third of the battle.

I have found that chance (or possibly fate) has a supreme hand in the job-finding business.  Sometimes you apply for a job online, forget about it for a few weeks, and then suddenly get surprised with a phone call (this has happened to me).  However, usually it doesn’t quite happen like that, especially if you care intensely about the career you are pursuing.  Every moment that you wait for your dream employer to call, be it a boss, a publisher, an agent, anyone, is absolute agony. You sit there, waiting to see if you are going to be able to pay your bills, pay off your debts and loans, pay for your medicine, and the worry and stress add just that many more lines to your face without getting you anywhere closer to that job.  A lot of managers don’t even like it when you check up on your application with a phone call or even an email (which is understandable, I suppose, they are busy people).

It comes down to this, from what I understand:

You do your absolute best, submit your application, check on it once, and let fate or chance or whoever figure it out from there. Just let go.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

There’s the trick, though:  you have to show your best work, your greatest individuality and talent, to as many employers as possible.  Let the world know that you are out there, searching for a job.  This means…you guessed it…

…getting off the couch and becoming active in the world.


If you haven’t noticed, this post is mostly me yelling at myself for getting pessimistic and a little too friendly with Netflix instead of getting off my bum and working to get a grown-up job.

But all of that is about to change!

So, what do I have to do?  Take my own advice, first of all.  Try to find a way to seem unique, to find myself and know what I have to offer, and then offer it to as many prospective employees as I can. Well, as many employees who are hiring people with my particular skills set, anyway.  That narrows it down significantly.

Then, maybe I can pay off some of my loans, save up some money, and go to graduate school like I really want to do. Wish me luck!

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